Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to repair a leaking Caroma dual flush toilet

So my Caroma Dual Flush toilet was leaking – it kept running even after the cistern was full.  I checked to see if the cause was the inlet valve, or the outlet valve.
Was it the inlet valve?
If the problem was the inlet valve, then the water level would have constantly been increasing, and overflowing into the hole in the middle of the cistern:
If you see something like the above, that is, the water line is not constantly above the hole in the middle, that means your inlet valve is probably OK, and the problem is likely to be the outlet valve.
How to confirm the Outlet Valve is the problem
Get a torch, and shine it into the hole in the middle.
When I did this, I saw water was flowing where shown in the picture above! Voila, there was a fault with the outlet valve.  The outlet valve is basically a rubber washer that stops water flowing into the pan. It is released when you press flush.
So what now?
You want to replace the outlet valve. Just watch the video:
Or, if you can’t spare 2 minutes to watch the video, you need to first remove the dual flush mechanism:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Once the mechanism is removed:
Picture 4
Just yank it off:
Picture 6
Picture 7
Compare the old flush valve, on the right, with the new one, on the left … no wonder it was leaking!:
I used some tap lubricant to help reattach the new washer, as it’s a bit of a struggle to get it back on (but I don’t think this is strictly necessary):
And here you go – nice clean and evenly reattached flush valve:
Replace the dual flush mechanism, and check for success … there you go, no more leaking toilet! 
If you are heading off to Bunnings to buy a new flush valve, ask for Item No: 9312232226167 or just print the picture below and bring it along! Not bad for $2.75.
Good luck with it all.


  1. Thanks for the guide, I wasn't sure how to get the flush mechanism out,but now I do and loo is as good as new.

  2. Thanks for the part no.
    The old washer was so stretched that it did not look like the new washer, and you know what Bunnings "help" is like...

    The Caroma "repair kit" includes the flush washer, plus the ballcock washers for about $1.50 less than buying them separately.
    Part 93122 322 000 44


  3. Hi, I was wondering how to unclip a dual flush that has only two clips on the sides not front and back as the plastic seems very stiff it is a mid 90's model.


  4. I've discovered the same problem of an older dual flush housing with side clips and wonder if there are instructions for this model?

    1. I struggled as well. Still trying to find how to unclip mine. Because my hands are smaller than my husbands I had to reach in and do it blind. Not sure how straight it is. But it in 90% better.

  5. I've been struggling with this old early 1990's Caroma cistern as well. Finally found some help on these models with the lugs each side. Head on down to this Whirlpool Forum page and save that plumber's call ...



  6. you are a god! saved me a couple of hundred on plumbers

  7. Many thanks for the valuable stuff you have presented.

  8. Does anyone know eher you can get the button set that sits in the top of the cistern lid ?

    All the ones I can find online seem to be smaller and less wide.

    I'm looking for the ones that look like the ones in the image here

    Although that's from a PowerHouse Museum article so maybe my toilet is getting too old.

  9. This is a better photo of the button assembly I need:

  10. Anyone know where I can get this in the USA specifically for the state of Georgia? I simply need the rubber gasket as shown but can't find it anywhere that will ship to the US.. Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi Does anyone know what the washer is that sits under the duel flush mechanism It sits between the mechanism and the porcelain at the base of the cistern inside the water not the external seating washer The cistern is a 1995 Caroma Sovereign

  12. my float just doesn't seem to pop up to the full height. Is this the repair I need to do to stop it leaking. When I take the lid off and manually lift the float a little higher it stops leaking. How do I fix that issue

    1. Pninah there's a small plastic screw on top of the swing arm where it connects to the inlet valve. Turn this screw a few rotations which will stop the inlet valve earlier (e.g. When float is lower than full height).

    2. I have the same issue as Pninah and have adjusted the small plastic screw but the leak continues. I manually lift the float a little higher and it stops. I think I am in for a new inlet valve? Any other ideas and do bunnings stock inlet valves?

  13. Thanks for the information as I had managed to remove the system last night and replaced both the seating washer (Product #226167) and ballcock washer (Product #226150) early this morning. Everything is back to normal again.

  14. My problem is the dual-flush CaromaSmart won't Refill?

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  16. Thanks for the info, but even after numerous washer replacements I still have a leak. Any ideas?

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  18. Great instructions, very clear. Wasn't sure where to smear the hydroseal. Problem I have is I replaced the seal, but the system is leaking faster now than before - any suggestions?

  19. Hi, thank you very much for the information. Does anyone know where can I get this in Singapore?

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  22. Hi, nice guide. You can also try this leak repair kit of Sealxpert product to help repairing the leak.

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  24. Hi All,
    The operation of my outlet valve is sticky and requires a change. I have a 1994 caroma concorde. The only spare i found for replace is fix-a-loo thunderflush, does anyone know if this is a generic spare that can fit my cistern?

  25. Hi all. I replaced the seating washer but am finding that thef flushing arm isn't resetting itself all the way down after the cistern empties, resulting in a trickle of water flowing to the pan. It just seems to need a bit more weight pushing down from above it and then it seals correctly. Any suggestions please?

  26. Yes I have the same problem. replacing the washer has not stopped the leak into the pan. What now?

  27. Yes I have the same problem. replacing the washer has not stopped the leak into the pan. What now?

  28. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction - your blog's been an immense help.

  29. I just had the same problem. I replaced the washer, and things still leaked through. I found a comment on a youtube video to lubricate the washer with soap and water and to turn it around three times to seat it.
    That fixed it perfectly for me

  30. Thanks for providing me useful information. Last time i have faced many problems which are related to the cistern flush. The repairer did not provide the one stop solution for this problem. But now i knew that where the main problem is. Actually best flush valve always keep the leakage problem stop. It also maintains the water supply in pipe.

  31. It's just wonderful,
    Thanks for the share,..
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  33. Thank you for the clear instructions and photos.

    Our 10-year-old Caroma suddenly wouldn't stop running (not just trickling), and I determined that the fault was in the outflow. I got a Caroma-branded washer that came with instructions. First step: remove the hinge pin and remove the float.

    To cut a long story slightly shorter, if your Caroma has a small float mechanism tucked away on the right hand side of the cistern and no arm overhanging the flush mechanism, just ignore the float and get stuck into removing the flush mechanism.

    Caroma suggest lubricating the washer with soap and water, and that worked well for me. To centre the washer around the outflow pipe took closer to 20 turns than the recommended 3.

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  34. I have replaced the outlet valve of an inbuilt ( behind the wall) cistern because it was leaking. Now the half flush has stopped leaking but the full flush continues to leak. How can this be?

  35. Thanks for all the tips

    I found that my a trickle of water continues after replacing the washer and was able to fix this by gently pulling the washer towards the centre with a pair of pliers all around
    Hope that helps.

  36. What a legend! Thank you so much my hubby works a lot so a lot of the fixes around the house either take forever or I do them, so I looked on the net found this and went to Bunnings today bought the rubber valve (2016- it was $5.20) and followed your instructions and the toilet doesn't run anymore, I'm so impressed with your blog I will definitely look at more things I can fix myself... Cheers thanks heaps from the little Mrs !

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  38. Hi,

    Thanks for your post. Leaking taps can be responsible for thousands of litres of water waste every year. That’s not just bad for the environment, it adds up to significant expense

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  40. So good mate, I was at a loss after buying a caroma seal and it it didn't work! Thanks so much for taking the time to share!

  41. Some hints re this fix
    The flush assembly does not fit that cistern
    The red seal (also available at Bunnings) seals better
    The best lube is dishwashing/hand soap
    Dual flush mechanism is held by 2 clips - on the body of the assembly
    good vid bro

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  43. Can I ask what is the size of the washer when it is new? 63mm sound right?

  44. Thanks for all the tips. Today I was able to fix with help from hubby removing the flush mechanism as I couldn't unclip it myself. Easy once I have replaced the washer. I used liquid dishwashing soap to lubricate and turn the outflow pipe nth time until it's centered. I used the caroma product code 405006.

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  46. awesome, thanks. My toilet is leaking pretty bad. Now I can check both inlet and outlet valves.

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